Feed RVA is a nonprofit organization formed to facilitate the education of communities in the Richmond region on the importance of food systems, healthy/lifelong nutritional habits, and accessibility to quality food.  

FeedRVA's mission is "to foster Food Justice in the Richmond/Tri-Cities area."  FeedRVA defines "Food Justice" as "communities exercising their right to grow, sell, buy, and eat healthy food." The immediate goal of FeedRVA is creation of a matching funds system for farmers markets that utilize SNAP/EBT. This program will also encourage markets not accepting SNAP at this time to work with the Virginia Department of Social Services, to utilize available technology grant dollars, and to offer the SNAP program at their markets. FeedRVA funds will be used to promote on-sight and traveling food education programs to highlight practical recipes and healthy meal preparation.
Our goal is to partner with other agencies to encourage and support a positive change in the eating habits of the citizens in the Richmond region by encouraging people to shop and buy locally at farms, farmers markets, and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs.

This will not only impact community health directly from the improved nutritional value of whole, non-processed foods; but will also improve the overall health of the environment by supporting businesses with a lower ecological impact. Utilizing locally grown and "in-season" produce reduces shipping and storage; which are more costly initially, and impact to the environment long-term (consider the packaging and exhaust from transportation).

For more information, please contact FEEDRva.

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